Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Scam Sites

Some of these sites also claim to provide the SafeDater (fake) verification service, others claim to provide a different verification service. Right now we are just listing these scam sites here. This post will be replaced with a more detailed one later on.

Sometimes the link in an email message will not go directly to a scam site but will take you to a site that automatically redirects you to the scam site. These are sites that are used to redirect you to scam sites:


  1. I received an email from but no apparent scam or phishing link in the message. Any ideas on what s/he may be planning or trying to pull?

  2. I think some of them are starting to realize that fewer people are replying to their initial email because it contains a link to one of these sites, so they don't get an email address to sell. If they get just one reply, they have your email


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