Friday, January 21, 2011

"Jenn" (jenisaten@live,com,, and others) sends us this:
Hiya! Im Jenn. I guess you like my ad huh? hahaha ;) I post on CL because I am new to the area, and do not know any guys, that, and i also love having safe sex with random strange guys... and boy am I hooooooorrrrny! Seriously, I have been here for three weeks and I have not found anyone! NO, I am not a "bot", whatever the hell that is, and I am very much sooo real, why do guys always ask that?..I've attached a few pictures, am I hot or what? I just love being pounded from the back, and I looove the taste of hot cum drippin down from my mouth (but no, i dont swallow, sorry).. gosh.. i guess you're a guy, you'll never understand! Of course, I like to also get eaten out! the longer your tongue the better! that also goes for your penis size hahaha. ;) I am down for whatever, maybe we can meet up at a hotel, and just do it like how they do it on discovery channel! haha. I want to be safe, so condoms is a must, and ofcourse, i have paperwork saying im disease free so hopefully you are too!.. and please dont ask for any personal information.. lets keep this discrete.. gosh I do not need ANYMORE stalkers. Anyways, if you're down.. reply back. see ya!


One of her photos:

If you reply to this message you get another one where she asks you to visit

Thank god you wrote back! So you like the pics then? I am hot right?! Thats what I thought, but I cannot seem to get a good lay.. geez. All I want is a good fucking, that is it... no strings attached for either you and I... thank god i found someone, hopefully we can meet tonight? I created a profile with some sexy pics of me (yes, nude! lol) at they wont let you in unless you're 18 because of the nudity, and quite honestly, I wont meet you unless you're 18, i am 23 afterall and that would be considered rape! NO thanks! once you're a member, you will get my 'virtual phone number', so I dont have to give out my real one.. and just give me a call! hopefully we can meet up tonight?!! please! haha. seriously though, i need some.

As usual, the dating verification service that the site pretends to offer doesn't exist and the sign up form is in a frame that gets its content from a porn site, so all that you will end up with if you give them your credit card information is some subscriptions to porn sites.

Looking up the whois information for shows that its IP address is and that its ISP is WorldStream. Worldstream is known to take fraud complaints seriously, so a complaint is being sent to them about this site.The headers for the second message show that it originated from another Worldstream IP,, and that it was routed through servers owned by NetDorm a.k.a. DNSExit. A complaint is being sent to that organization too.

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