Monday, January 10, 2011

There are a lot of fake ads on CL that are supposedly posted by "Kaylee Gerhart". When you answer one of Kaylee's ads you get a reply like this:
Hey's it going? Sorry it took me a bit to write back. I got sooo many responses it took me awhile to go through them all. Way too many weirdos. lol..But, I finally go to yours. Not sure if you're still lookin, but, I'd love to see if we can hookup one of these days. A little more about me: I'm very openminded. I can be very very dirty with the right guy. I also love being eaten and I love sucking a guy off. I'm not looking for anything long term, but if we click, I'd love to be able to meetup every once in awhile. Anyways, enough of my babbling. I have to run out, but, if you like my pics, I'd love to hear back and see what we can set up.

Hope to hear back soon.


One of the return addresses used for her is Another one is These were the pictures included with the message.

If you reply to this email message, you then recieve another one asking you to go to to verify your identity by using your credit card.

Hey! Thanks for writing back! I'm really excited to meet you. This whole "meeting a stranger" gets me hot just thinking about it. as i said in my last email, i'm just looking for some fun with no attachments. i just dont have time for the BS..u know? :) I'm just glad that you're into this type of thing too...sometimes guys get weird when a girl just wants to get her rocks off too... hehe
I made up a profile with more of my pics on it here: I also have some dirty ones there just have to do the verify your age thing because they don't let anyone in thats under 18. this proves to me that you are real and who you say you are. have to be i'm still a girl...ya know? :)
once youre a member, my MSN and phone number are in the members area, so you can contact me asap. If I don't answer right away, leave me a message, so I can get back to you right away. I'm looking to do this hopefully tonight or tomorrow. HURRY UP!! i really need to get laid asap...i'm dying over here! THANKS,

Kaylee is a fake dating site. The sign-up form is in a frame that loads content from another site.

When you look at the source code for the frame you'll see that it's coming from a porn site. In this case the porn site is, but sometimes the porn site is or some other one.

Viewing the frame source shows that the sign-up form is from a porn site. (Click to enlarge.)

Also, at the top of the page is a login form. This is a dummy form. It doesn't actually submit what you enter to the website. You can see this by saving the web page to disk and examining the contents. After you save the complete page to disk, there will be a folder with all of the related files for the page. One of these files is named widget1_markup.htm. Inside it, you'll see this:

<form name="myform" target="_top"><input value="login" onclick="alert(&#39;Incorrect Username and/or Password! Please refer to your welcome email for your correct Username and Password and/or alternative login instructions.&#39;)" type="button"></form>

If you don't know HTML then you might not understand this code, but as a web developer I can tell you that what we have here is a form that displays the message
Incorrect Username and/or Password! Please refer to your welcome email for your correct Username and Password and/or alternative login instructions.
whenever you click the login button. Anything that you type into the user name and password boxes is simply ignored.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just got email from someone that used simliar wording and it took me to the same website.


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