Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The site Safecasualdating.com that we reported on January 10th appears to be down. However, it has been resurrected as Safecasualdating.net. "Kaylee Gerhart" is sending out messages like this.

Hey! Thanks for writing back! I'm really excited to meet you. This whole "meeting a stranger" gets me hot just thinking about it. as i said in my last email, i'm just looking for some fun with no attachments. i just dont have time for the BS..u know? :) I'm just glad that you're into this type of thing too...sometimes guys get weird when a girl just wants to get her rocks off too... hehe
I made up a profile with more of my pics on it here: http://www.safecasualdating.net/id2877.html I also have some dirty ones there too...you just have to do the verify your age thing because they don't let anyone in thats under 18. this proves to me that you are real and who you say you are. have to be safe..as i'm still a girl...ya know? :)
once youre a member, my MSN and phone number are in the members area, so you can contact me asap. If I don't answer right away, leave me a message, so I can get back to you right away. I'm looking to do this hopefully tonight or tomorrow. HURRY UP!! i really need to get laid asap...i'm dying over here! THANKS,


The same email addresses are being used for sending Kaylee's messages:


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